Final thoughts

This trip to Israel was the most exciting and memorable times of my life.  I met so many people who will stay in my heart for a very long time.  I was able to appreciate archaeology more than i did before.  It is very hardwork and everyday you will complain that something hurts or that you are tired.  Even though you complain, you look back on the experience and you wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.  I realized that Israel is a place of diverse cultures that are very difficult to understand but very interesting to see  at work.  There are so many thoughts running through my head of what I want to say, but I cannot put them into words.  The first moment I spent in Israel I was overwhelmed with excitement.  The last moment I spent in Israel I was overwhelmed with sadness.  I couldn’t believe that a month had passed and all I wanted to do was see more.  All I wanted to do was to go into Jerusalem one more time with the people I met who changed my life.  Gettting together with people from all around the world really impacts your views on life.  I have learned to really make the most of my time in different places and to branch out away from your comfort zone.  Once I branched out I felt more fulfilled.  The people I met during the Ramat Rahel excavation will be my friends forever.  They welcome me to come visit them with open arms.  I cannot wait to go back to Israel and to explore the rest of the world.  This was the best experience and I am so grateful that I took advantage of this opportunity when it came along. 


One Response to “Final thoughts”

  1. Martha W. Jones Says:

    I so enjoyed reading your post about your trip. It brought back memories of a January 1971 trip that I took as a freshman at Moravian. The College Choir traveled to Israel and Greece with Dick and Monica Schantz. We had a wonderful time and it certainly opened our eyes to the great big world out there.

    One correction: When you label a picture of someone else and you it should read: Someone Else and Me (not I)
    You may want to fix those labels before your English professor gets a look at them…

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