Concluding Remarks

After being back in the United States for over 24 hours, I have had some time to think and reflect about the past month in Israel.  Not only have I learned a great deal about archaeology and Israeli culture, but I have learned a lot about myself.  This is the best souvenir I could ever have gotten for myself.  Learning and growing as a person in a more positive sense.  While the work was hard and long, this experience was totally worth it.  I find myself missing parts of my daily routine in Israel and have a bittersweet feeling of being home.  For example, out of habit, I woke up at 4:30 this morning thinking I had to go dig.  I forget that I have my own room and Tara and Cindy aren’t here with me.  I keep looking through my pictures to not only tell my family about the wonderful sights, but to keep the beauty fresh in my mind.  While I did not write a post throughout the trip, it was such an amazing experience and the bonds made on this voyage will never be broken.  Facebook has been a wonderful tool in connecting with friends made on the dig and I find myself wishing they would reopen Ramat Rachel for another season to see what else they can find.  It is strange not seeing the faces of people I have spent the past month with.  I would like to thank Dr. Radine and Dr. Appler for everything they have done to not only make this trip possible, but for making it one of the most memorable experiences of my life.




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