Swarmin’ with Shwarmas

The trip is coming to an end, and though I have had the time of my life both at the dig as well as visiting various sites throughout Israel, I must say that my most memorable experiences have been adapting to a different cultural and of course with that said, enjoying the amazing Israeli and middle eastern infused cuisine. In my opinion, the best dish is the shwarma aka heaven in a pita. This sandwich is comprised of finely diced lamb stuffed into a pita pocket and topped with whatever your heart desires. From various types of hummus, such as traditional or hot, to chips (french fries), the sky is the limit as to what you can have accompany your tender pieces of lamb. Place a nice cold shandy beside your delicious shwarma and you will certainly not regret the 20-30 shekels you have just spent. In other news….I  would like to speak on behalf of the whole Moravian bunch in saying that this Holy oasis will certainly be missed, but the bonding that has occurred and the friends we have made will categorize this excursion as more than a vacation, but rather the most memorable lifestyle we have ever experienced. I would like to thank everyone that made this trip possible, as well as all the people that shared this experience with myself and both the Moravian undergrads and graduate seminary students. God bless, and see you in the States.


P.S. Do it for the glory! (you know who you are)




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